Providing direct billing services for institutional facilities.

Billing services



We provide submission of initial claims to Medicare, Medicaid, HMO or commercial claims as well as submission of exhaust claims, no pay, and HMO claims to Medicare for tracking benefits. Billing of coinsurance claims and follow up is also included. We submit claims and assist in clarifying the underlying problems that cause delays and rejections.

Our services are for clients in Michigan or out of state.

LTC responsibilities

We strive to maintain our expertise and preserve our network of contacts to help you get prompt and full payment.  Let LTC take the uncertainty out of your revenue stream.

Protecting the privacy of your facility and residents is our main concern. Our company provides you with internal controls to maintain privacy and to give you peace of mind. 


Auditing is done daily and monthly internally by our auditor. LTC has a 99% payment rate because of our audit processes.

A quarterly and annual audit of all outstanding claims is sent to a facility representative. The purpose of this audit is to coordinate any questions or adjustments that may exist.


If you need additional training for your staff, we are ready to assist you. If you have questions regarding admissions, insurances, guidelines or regulations, we can help.  Whether it is a quick email or phone call, our specialists will guide you in the right direction. If more detailed consulting or training is required, arrangements will be made to address your special circumstances.


Our specialists provide you with reports of billing for your review. Any concerns or issues will be directly communicated to the assigned facility representative. We monitor and address claims on a daily basis.

Accounts receivable

LTC provides reviews of your A/R and works with the facility to handle various issues. We offer monthly, quarterly and annual reviews of your aging report.